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A young, motivated and extraordinar developer.
Whether in Web- or Application development,I try to accomplish the best outcome possible.
My priorities aren't just working on code, I also like to develop something that is fun to use.

That user experiences are not just great but more than that I follow the slogan:

It just works. Simple and beautiful.

In my opinion, nothing is more frustrating than a program that crashes, a website that isn't how the user wants it to be. Or one that is overloaded with a lot of features which aren't working correctly.
You have to adapt the style of your customer so that he can identify himself with your webdesign.

Every Website can be better. Every time.

In spite of this, I try to make it that beautiful, that it is nearly impossible to do it better.

Philipp Brügger

It's not just a project


www.schönenbodensee.ch www.lbo.ch www.countrycity.ch www.wasserasjuw.ch www.pbuw.ch www.usnahmswys.ch www.codia.ch www.m-security-toggenburg.ch www.matrixzone.ch www.sandra.lbo.ch www.zentrum-traube.ch www.heinzbruegger.ch www.chuglä.ch





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